BSc (Hons) Instructional Technology

 Programme Objectives

The Instructional Technology (IT) programme prepares students to be leaders in any environment that involves the application of digital technologies in learning, including basic schools, adult training and development in business and industry, public/non-profit training, higher education, and life-long learning. As information and communication technologies (ICTs) are transforming the ways people create, disseminate, and apply knowledge, there is the need for educators to de-emphasize the practice of imparting static information and ideas to learners, and instead, develop and deploy purposeful and interactive learning experiences with the aid of these technologies, for the overall advancement of knowledge.

The Regent Instructional Technology programme therefore prepares students to work with media and computer information systems to analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate instruction in different learning contexts. Graduates of this programme will therefore be able to design and produce pedagogically sound e-learning interventions, including multimedia CD/DVD-ROMs and web-based or online learning platforms, based on current theory and research in educational technology. The training also firmly grounds students in pedagogy and cognitive science, so they are able to deal with both present and future implications of emerging technologies, and thus better contribute in shaping the educational responses to innovations in ICTs.

The IT programme also places high priority on group work, fieldwork and internships. Schools, computer companies, businesses, and other agencies are partners in projects, providing environments, materials, personnel, or opportunities to students to plan and execute innovative projects. This further equips students with the skills to work closely with scholars, scientists, and other professionals to ensure that ICTs are appropriately leveraged to meet the education and training needs of persons who need to re-train, re-tool, and re-skill as careers change multiple times over a lifetime.


Employment Prospects

Instructional Technology is a diverse field with opportunities for individuals in a variety of eclectic roles – all centered on the process of creating effective technology enhanced learning environments. In the current digital age where the amount information created keeps growing exponentially, the need for life-long learning drives the need for instructional technologists. Graduates of the program will therefore find career opportunities in business, industry, education, government etc. where they can function as teachers, instructional designers, interactive educational game developers, information architects, training and technology coordinators, and change/process management specialists. Others can go on to further studies in a wide range of fields including business, creative arts, education, technology etc.

Programme Structure

Course Description



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