BSc (Hons) Information Systems Sciences

 Programme Philosophy and Objectives

 The BSc (Hons) Information Systems Sciences is designed primarily to meet the needs of professionals and practitioners in the ICT industry with practical knowledge in information technology and its allied fields.

The programme has both similarities and dissimilarities with the Computer Science programme. Whereas the CSc programme is geared towards those who are mathematically inclined with strong academic interests, the Information Systems Sciences programme is tilted towards those with strong professional and practical interests. The CSc programme puts emphasis on theory and foundations subjects like programming languages, data structures, graphics and visualisation, algorithms, operating systems, software engineering, modelling and simulation, numerical methods, parallel programming, automata, databases and networks, at a high level. The Information System Sciences or the Computer Information Systems emphasis management and business legacy systems (mainframes and enterprise computing ) as well as application development for windows and other operating systems (Visual C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, spreadsheets, etc) particularly for large management information systems and database systems, as well as security issues.

This programme will be particularly useful for those who want to gain the technical knowledge to use and apply computer technologies in industry, the skills to design and manage innovative information systems, expertise in high demand areas of the computing industry, such as eCommerce and information security. This programme will be of particular interest to ICT professionals with Higher National Diploma (HND) and other certificate holders who will want a more advanced professional and technical training.


Career Goals

Graduates of this course could find employment across a wide spectrum of scientific careers, particularly thoseS that involve telecommunication, networking, geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing experts, web management, systems administration, information management and security, and the technical and organisational skills to convert that data into useful information. Graduates could seek employment as Information Architects, Systems Analysts, Software Architects, Computer Service Providers, Information Security Experts, Programmers, Business Information Analysts, and Business Managers.

 Programme Structure

Course Description


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