BEng (Hons) Applied Electronics & Systems Engineering

Computer Engineering Option

Programme Philosophy and Objectives

With computers creeping into all kinds of devices, today’s computer architects have their work cut out for them. Computer engineering graduates have managed to insert fully functioning computers into automobile engines, into traffic lights, and even into batteries. Computer architects helped to shepherd global consumers from using film cameras to operating sophisticated digital imaging equipment. Some of the jobs with computer engineering backgrounds are: design engineering, quality control engineering, development engineering and computer Architecture.

The last 30 years have seen phenomenal changes in the field of Electronics and Computer Engineering. In the field of Electronics, the Nano technology and in Computer, both Software and Hardware have made giant strides. The knowledge capital requires a thorough understanding of these new techniques and novel concepts. The 21st century engineer should be able to grasp these techniques and master these concepts.

There is a dearth qualified engineers in Africa who can confidently man the existing Computer Systems. Most of the engineers end up with no systematic training in maintaining these systems, nor modifying capability of the systems, when called upon to do so. The intricacies related to sophisticated systems is not properly understood and exploited. Hence this 4 year degree course in Electronics and Computer Engineering is deliberately aimed at meeting these shortfalls.

 Programme Structure

Course Description